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Depth Chart

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2019 FCBL Mock Draft 2.0

  1. St. Louis Cardinals – LF Ronald Acuna
    So nothing has changed with this pick since the last mock draft. Acuna is still, if not even more, the clear cut number one pick in this draft. He has the potential to be the top guy at his position in the league year in and year out with great speed & power combo.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers – LF Juan Soto
    I mocked Soto to Toth and the Dodgers a little over a month ago, and with no more clarity on Ohtani and his usage, Soto looks even more intriguing at just 19 years of age. He is the easy choice at number two in this draft.
  3. Atlanta Braves – 2B Gleyber Torres
    At this point as the draft approaches, Torres slides ahead of Ohtani given some injury and usage concerns with the SP/DH. Torres is a well-known prospect and is a very safe selection. If the Braves want to get back to dominating the division, you can’t miss on draft picks, especially in the top 3.
  4. New York Mets – SP/DH Shohei Ohtani
    The drop off after number 4 in this draft is real, which is why Blewett made the move into the top 4. Ohtani isn’t exactly durable, and nobody truly knows if you can use him as a pitcher, a hitter, or both yet, but he’s a no brainer here at 4 with Acuna, Soto, and Torres all off the board.
  5. Atlanta Braves – LF Kyle Tucker
    I think the Commish may be looking at some young SP here, but Tucker makes a lot of sense for a Braves squad who’s looking to add youth to the roster. Tucker has All-Star potential and has risen up draft boards in recent weeks.
  6. St. Louis Cardinals – SP Dereck Rodriguez
    The Cards need some help in the rotation and although Rodriguez may not have the highest ceiling, he’s very usable for the upcoming season and showed nicely in the majors last year. With so many question marks among remaining prospects, I could see St. Louis grabbing a usable player here.
  7. Detroit Tigers – SP Michael Kopech
    Detroit ownership hasn’t looked at his team since 2016, so it makes a lot of sense that they draft one of the top prospects from that time period. The Tigers have a solid pitching staff already, and although they’re just a couple of moves away from being a real competitor, they’re probably sitting on what they have.
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates – RP Seranthony Dominguez
    Pirates owner Russell is usually more of a splashy move type of guy, but he’s also smart enough to know he’s in a position to win his division again and with one of the top RP cards on the board here, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Dominguez wearing black and yellow this spring.
  9. St. Louis Cardinals – CF Austin Meadows
    Cramer has already grabbed his franchise player for the next 10-15 years and a pitcher, so his total rebuild of his outfield continues with the versatile Meadows. At just 23 years old, Meadows has a lot of untapped potential, and could be a steady player next to Acuna for years to come.
  10. Atlanta Braves – SP Freddy Peralta
    After drafting two position players, the Braves turn their attention to the rotation. Peralta isn’t quite fully developed as a starter yet, but at just 22 years of age he has the potential to rack up huge strike out numbers in future seasons.
  11. Texas Rangers – SS Willy Adames
    I made this pick for the Rangers the first time around, and for the same reasons I said then, I think it still holds true now. Adames gives the Rangers a ton of flexibility with their lineup and fills some needs with the middle infield. He knows how to get on base, so if the defense improves he can be a very nice player.
  12. Texas Rangers – SP Shane Bieber
    Tony and the Rangers are always looking for live arms, and while Cueto tries to return to his old form, Bieber could be just what the Rangers future rotation needs. Bieber showed nicely at the major league level last season and still has a ton of room to grow.
  13. St. Louis Cardinals – RF Franmil Reyes
    In January I mocked Reyes to the Cardinals at pick No. 6 and here they snag him up at 13. Reyes is just the type of slugging outfielder St. Louis has been missing from their lineup for several years and could make a nice addition to Acuna and Meadows as they overhaul the outfield.
  14. Texas Rangers – 2B Jeff McNeil
    Right now McNeil is more of a platoon player than a full-time guy, but he showed flashes of needing a bigger workload last season. He’s a guy who could see the Rangers lineup right away, which is always worthy of a pick in this range, especially for a team looking to compete.
  15. Washington Nationals – 2B Luis Urias
    Auman and the Nats are always looking for a sneaky good pickup so he can seem smarter than you when it hits *cough* Judge *cough* and this guy could be that. He’s only 21 years old and has potential to be a household name in the middle infield before you know it.
  16. Los Angeles Dodgers – CF Ramon Laureano
    The Dodgers have several young players at CF but none of them warrant not drafting more talent at that position. Laureano is just as capable of being the man in the middle for Los Angeles as anyone else on the roster. He is likely to be a .275-.300 hitter with a CF-1 or CF-2 rating year in and year out.


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