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The hall of fame has tallied the ballots and we have 4 new inductees into the class of 2021. (need 9 votes)

Ballot results

Andy Pettite 11 votes- Pettie pitched for 17 seasons compiling a 175-137 record, 4.44 ERA and 1.42 whip. As of the 2020 season he has the most wins by a lefty in FCBL history. Has the 7th most games started. Is the only starter in the top 10 in games pitched. And is 14th all time in strikeouts. He is 1 of 6 starters with over 400 starts. Won 3 rings with St. Louis, San Francisco and Atlanta. He will be entering the hall as a Florida Marlin under manager Cory Adams. 

Joe Mauer 10 votes- Mauer played 15 seasons with Cincinnati, Florida, Philadelphia and San Francisco. He won a ring in 2008 with Philly. Was a 5 time all star, won 3 gold gloves. He is 36th all time in hits following the 2020 season. He finished with a .301 avg which is 15th all time with over 1000 at bats. Finished with a .380 career OBP%. He will enter the hall as a San Francisco Giant under manager Cory Adams. 

Jake Peavy 8 votes

Johan Santana 8 votes

Alfonso Soriano 6 votes

Scott Rolen 6 votes

Adrian Gonzalez 5 votes

Torri Hunter 4 votes

C.C. Sabathia 2 votes

Victor Marintez 1 vote

David Wright 1 vote

Brian McCann 1 vote

Prince Fielder 1 vote

Veterans committe (need 3 votes)

Gary Sheffield 4 votes- Sheffield played 14 seasons with multiple teams. He was a 2 time all star and won 3 rings, 2 with Atlanta and 1 with Philadelphia. He had 1450 hits, 294 HR, 878 RBI, .265 avg and .389 OBP% which is still ranked 20th all time. He will enter the hall as a Florida Marlin under manager Cory Adams

Jim Edmonds 4 votes-Edmonds played 14 seasons with multiple teams. He was a 4 time gold glove winner, 5 time all star and won a ring with the 2007 Braves. He finished with 1475 hits, 346 doubles, 307 HR's, 994 RBI's, .269 avg and a .366 OBP%. He will enter the hall as a Boston Red Sox under manager Sean Lamont. 

Huston Street only 1 vote. 



2/9/2021 12:00:00 AM