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Ball ParksThe highlight of Managers every year.  A day that bring new hope and reshapes teams for years to come.  Championships can be won this day or a team can be set back with but a couple of bad picks. 

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At 46 years old I am starting to have enough years as a fan watching and studying the game to have seen many careers in their entirety.   I have seen players like players like Ken Griffey Jr and Barry Bonds seemingly take the game over the very first day they stepped on the field.  I have seen Players like Kevin Maas take the Big Apple and Baseball world by storm only to fade into obscurity.  How about the wonderful career and story of Rick Ankiel.  A Player who looked destined for pitching greatness only to lose control of his pitches and career before reinventing himself as an Outfielder.  
I am here to tell you that I don’t know that I have ever been so excited for generation of baseball players. We have the makings of one of the most talented group of players in baseball history.  I cant wait to see what the next decade holds but here are players that seem to be starting Hall of Fame careers right now.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. -  Last season is probably a great glimpse into the coming seasons.  This Kid is 22 years old and had a graded 80 hit tool.  With a MLB pedigree he seems to be on a path that will make you wonder who was better, him or his dad. 

Ronald Acuna Jr. – 5 tool baseball player who seems to be ready to rise to the occasion at the plate or in the field whenever his team needs it most. Last years ACL injury robbed us of what was on its way to being a historic season.  

Fernando Tatis Jr.  – Very similar to Acuna in that he can do it all.  San Diego knew what they had and locked him down for the long haul.  He loves the game and it shows with his play and interaction with players and fans alike.

Juan Soto – I have never seen such a mature bat at this age.  He is unreal.  His ZiPS Projection comp for 2021 was none other than Ted Williams.  4 seasons into his career he has a lifetime OPS of .981 and OBP of .432.  Wait till he hits his prime.

Wander Franco   - 21 year old SS who hits from both sides of the plate.  He is just beginning his career but appears to have what it takes.  He has never batted under .300 in the minors and shows some raw power.  In the coming years we will see his bat take form and his career take off.

Luis Robert – Brings a great bat though lacks some discipline.  Needs to work on his walk rate to become a complete hitter.  Gold Glove defender who will become a mainstay of the All Star Game.  If this kid can stay healthy we are in for something special.

Shohei Ohtani – Well there is not much to say after what he did last season.  A freak of nature that we have never seen the likes of.  I wouldn’t expect to continue to see what he did last season but even if he is in the ballpark of that performance your looking at a legend in the making.

These are but the highlight of what the future looks like for MLB.  These players all project for Hall of Fame Careers and I don’t know that I would bet against them.  Those are just the top Tier.  Honorable Mentions include; Bo Bichette, Ke’Bryan Hayes, Rafael Devers, Randy Arzarena, Ozzie Albies, Eloy Jimenez and we haven’t touched on pitchers, well except for that guy that hit 46 HR last year.  

The Game is in good Hands.